man travelingI have mentioned many times on my blog that I consider parents of children with special needs my heroes. Traveling can be a challenge for anyone, but parents of children with special needs have to deal with a greater range of the unexpected.

Yesterday, as I was flying home from Florida, I was again reminded of my admiration for these parents. I was sitting in the gate area waiting to board and a young man sat next to me. I could overhear his conversation with his dad, as Dad gently guided him and prepared him for the flight–even prompted him to speak a little softer. As we lined up in our zones to board the plane, this father-son duo was again in front of me. As we bunched up to step into the plane, the father was pressed against his son’s back and I observed him affectionately and quietly kiss his son on the back. He was sending him into the unknown. I was so touched.

I told the man he was a great father. He seemed puzzled, but I told him I was a speech therapist and he said, “Then you understand.” He went on to name and describe his son’s syndrome.

I felt a little connection with a special Dad.