It’s no wonder that Gotz dolls is celebrating its 60th anniversary–continuing to create dolls like precious Muffin who perfectly cradles into a preschoolers arms for hours of huggable pretend play. A new addition to the family of Gotz dolls, this 13″ Muffin baby became the object of affection for preschool girls. Her hand painted face, baby bald head, and moving eyelashes say sweetness all over. Little girls cradled her in their arms and took off with pretend play, tending to her infant needs. Her bean bag body conforms to hugs while her hard hands and feet make outfit changes easier for little hands. This baby is void of all the bells and whistles common to the new generation of dolls, leaving the direction of play up to the child who is in charge. Little girls fed her, took her temperature and brought bandages for her skinned knee during playtime. Shouldn’t the mom be in charge anyway?

Sherry Artemenko, MA-CCC, is a speech-language pathologist with more than 35 years experience and founder of The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Muffin Doll” was provided for review by International Playthings.