Babies loved this dynamic little toy on a ring, made with Haba’s signature bright colors and natural wood.  A six-month-old stared with fascination as he twisted the house, tree, mushroom and little person, as they bounced back into position. After exploring, a little tasting took place too with this teether. Shaking the ring to activate the rattle, a one-year-old turned it into a game to get a response from Mom. She explored the ring with her tiny fingers, and bent the objects to see the changing fronts and backs–pink doors become shiny circles and a smooth surface becomes a bumpy bell. Parents commented that this clutching toy was the perfect size, just light enough for kids to manipulate and learn from it. Small enough to pop in Mom’s pocket for outings, this toy is a great entertainer for babies and toddlers.

Sherry Artemenko, MA-CCC, is a speech-language pathologist with more than 35 years experience and founder of The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Pixie Clutching Toy” was provided for review by HABA toys.