Noah's Ark I’m a fan of “Snappy Books” because I like the big bold drawings, pop-ups and rhymes. In their newest addition, Snappy Builder Noah’s Ark, your little one, 3 years old and up, can hear the story and then make her own ark, complete with animals. The story moves from Noah drawing his plans for the ark, through Mrs.Noah checking in the animals, two by two, the rain falling for forty days and forty nights, Noah sending out the dove in search of land, to the promise of the rainbow.

I read the story with my 3 year-old friend who then proceeded to punch out the thick cardboard pieces. We gathered the animals first who had clever printed fronts and backs, and then began assembling the ark. With clearly illustrated instructions, kids can be the leader, as they put the boat together piece by piece. Lots of slots are provided on the ark floor to insert animals around the cabin and change the scene.

Proud of his finished project, my little friend started to sail the ark and brought in a favorite pirate ship to add to the action. 3-D interaction reinforces the story and gives kids a launching point for adding to the story. Noah can go in the cabin to sleep, other animals from play might join him or boats sharing the sea can come along side the ark. Pretend play has begun.

The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author. “Snappy Builder Noah’s Ark” was provided for review by Silver Dolphin Books.