toddler dressesI just got back from a visit to North Carolina to see kids and grandkids. I had heard that an artist friend and stay at home mom, Wrenn Rippy Dorosko, put down her paintbrush temporarily and took up sewing. I was anxious to see her creations and was amazed at what she made from recycled fabrics, shirts, onesies and even her dad’s old button down shirt!

I have been around enough artist friends to know that all the items we think are destined for the garbage are options for new creations–broken dishes become picture frames, stones become collages, shells become wind chimes, or pillow cases become toddler dresses.

Her little model is showing off a dress Wrenn made from a vintage pillow case from Goodwill. The yellow lace trim already in place, she added the gathered ties around the neck. I had been told she made a dress from her dad’s old button down shirt. I couldn’t imagine how a man’s shirt would become a little girl’s dress but add some ruffle cap sleeves and and a rosette and what was once masculine is ready for our littlest female. Her skirts are fashioned from vintage fabric, colors tied together like only an artist would. She also bought onesies at the Dollar Store, cut off the top and sewed a matching print gathered skirt on the bottom.

It’s fun to see all her creativity spill over into her new life as a mom.