Dad carrying kids on beachSpring break and I headed to the North Carolina beach. After spending the last few months analyzing the new toys from the International Toy Fair 2010, I sort of forgot what kids naturally invent at the beach.

It began with Will thrilled with an ant crawling from armpit to armpit. Ben chased hermit crabs until they disappeared into a hole. We gathered up shells with just the right sized opening to string onto a stick for our “jingle sticks.” What started out as digging for buried treasure, soon turned into making a huge hole to hide in with Daddy. Let’s not forget the pure fun of racing into the waves, giggling and running back, even if the water was freezing according to us adults.

Next week I will be attending Time to Play Magazine’s Spring Showcase in New York City where they kick off the warm weather season announcing the hottest toys for outdoor play.

shells on stickMaybe right now I will be happy just letting the warm sand sift through my fingers and call it play.