Every day is exciting as an itinerant speech language therapist, but last Thursday was particularly hilarious. It started out with my visit to Duncan’s house where I was met outside by his mom, explaining in hushed tones that Duncan had made a fort, crawled in and was petting the cat when he fell sound asleep. She couldn’t wake him enough for our speech session. I wanted to see this for myself so I went inside and watched him roll over, sigh, and continue sleeping with the cat peering out from the fort!

Then I went on to work with 7 year-old Will on his “r” sound. I had brought along a “3-in-one” LEGO set where you had all the blocks needed to make a sea plane, helicopter or boat. Of course you have to say your words or sentences with me to participate in my projects, so as Will was building and I was modeling his sounds, he looked up at me and said, “I think it’s better when you don’t talk!”

Finally, on the way to my last child’s house, I shouldn’t admit it but I was trying open my yogurt–for some end of the day sustenance–and the yogurt exploded all over my lap. So I had to walk into the house and ask for a wet paper towel to clean my pants and a towel to sit on so I wouldn’t ruin their furniture.

I was glas to get home.