infant baby This year I am celebrating Mother’s Day with a new grandson, Cooper James. His two year old sister, Caroline, affectionately calls him “Coupon.” I guess that reflects Mom’s good money management! I am so thankful for my three sons, two daughters-in-law (can’t there be a better term for the lovely women who marry our sons??), serious girlfriend,  and four grandchildren. I feel so blessed.

Last night we video chatted with 3 year-old Will, and 2 year-old Ben. It was the “arsenic hour” as my friends used to call the time before dinner. Mom had asked Dad to take them for a bike ride for a little respite so they arrived in their pajamas and bike helmets. After a short chat, Will looked at his mother and said, “I’d like to get in the car and drive to SheShe’s.” Melt my heart. Come on over Will–oops that would be a 12 hour drive. Thank heavens for video chatting.

I wish all you moms and grandmas a wonderful, joyful Mother’s Day. You deserve it.