Amazing Baby’s sing along board book, “Clap and Sing,” includes a bonus CD with songs of each of the nursery rhymes. Lots of repetition and beat keep your little one engaged with the music and lyrics for 30 minutes. The songs vary in style–a slow gentle lullaby to “Row Row Row your Boat,” a zippy “One Two Three Four Five” and a gospel like flow to “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Semi-circle tabs with a characters representing a rhyme on that page–dog, bear, lamb or spider–offer easy flipping of the pages with your baby. Simple, black outlined drawings complement the rhymes. “Baa Baa Black Sheep” has the face of the master, dame and little boy who lives down the lane with 3 bags to count. “Old Mac Donald Had a Farm” illustrates simple line drawings of the farmer, cow, duck, pig, dog, horse, and sheep with their corresponding sounds, each offering opportunities for your baby to learn new words in the context of a nursery rhyme.

Recommended for 6-18 months

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