3 year old in hatI have blogged about the joys and advantages of video chatting with children and grandchildren. Not only can you have a dialogue about what you are doing and what the child is doing, you can read a book, engage in some pretend play with dinosaurs, princesses or knights, or celebrate a birthday together as I did today.

My oldest grandchild, Will is 4 years old this week. Once he found out that my “box” had arrived and Mommy had hid it, he was pleading for a chance to open his present. I had stipulated that I wanted to video chat when he opened it. What fun it was to see his face when he got (“That’s what I asked to get”) his desired Playmobil dragon. It was such fun to see his surprise and hear his little commentary as he got his gift.

It made me feel a little closer to him when I can’t make the 700 miles to be there in person.