Cat the Hat I Can Do that game Those of you who follow my blog know that I love to find great games to use in speech therapy. I am particularly interested in games that can promote language development and are fun for the kids to play.

“The Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That!” is just such a game. It gets kids moving and can be used to teach concepts, syntax, and social language. I even used it for articulation practice last week. This active game provides lots of opportunities to teach spacial concepts as players draw cards to “Walk backwards around,” “Slide under” and so on. Games provide an venue to teach social skills as kids have to take turns, describe what they will do, and tell what they just did, problem solve out loud, cheer on a friend or request the tools to take the next turn. When I had played the game wiht a little boy, I asked him if he wanted to play again. He said, “I’ll play it as many times as I can!” That’s a good endorsement.

Here is my review for “The Cat in the Hat, I Can Do that!” by I Can Do That Games:

Review: Join the Cat in the Hat to perform his clever his tricks of crawling, twirling and jumping with a ball, fishbowl or rake on your belly, between your elbows or under your chin. Flip over your color-coded 1,2,3 cards for your instructions. If you think you are capable, declare, “I can do that!” If not, don’t despair, everyone is a winner with this Cat. Just replace the difficult card and pick another. The centerpiece foam Trick-a-ma-stick allows for lots of laughs as players crawl around, and slide under the stick. Keep the card of your successful ventures and count up the stars on the cards to see who has the most to win the game. Inventors encourage players to revise the rules to fit the group.