child's Christmas listToday I was asked by different parents:

  • What are your favorite games for kids for holiday gifts?
  • What is a good item for a 2 year-old’s goody bag?
  • What books do you recommend for a preschooler?
  • What is a good book to read to my second grader’s class–I’m off to the bookstore right now?

I would suggest that parents look at my reviews and especially my PAL (Play Advances Language) Winners for great ideas for holiday gift giving.

At the end of the day, I was seeing my last little client, 7 year-old Sam. Sam and I play a lot of games together as he practices his /s/ and /th/ sounds. He is a wonderful partner in play, he doesn’t mind winning or losing (although he is healthy little boy who does prefer winning). Sam has become a fan of “I Can Do That Games.” Last week he was studying the brochure in one of the games and asked me if I could bring some new ones this week. When I arrived at his house tonight he brought me his Christmas list from Mom’s desk. How cute is this? He had listed several of the games we had played and added others from the brochure. Just to clarify, “Beyzy Town Game” is “Richard Scarry’s Busytown Game!”

Maybe it just shows that when you find something you like, check out it’s siblings!