teacher giftsIt suddenly occurred to me to blog about what I am being asked by many mothers–“What is a good teacher gift for the holidays?” Of course I have appreciated the many sweet gifts families have given me over the years but I thought I would tell you a few that were my favorites:

  • Gift cards to book stores like Barnes and Noble or Borders. Teachers love books for themselves and their classroom and with dwindling resources available, you will give them an opportunity to add to their library
  • Gift cards for a special coffee at Starbucks or a local bakery
  • Home made goodies–believe it or not I always appreciated these because I was too busy teaching to do much baking until school was out. Even a gingerbread house would be fun. Give me some homemade granola and I am beaming.
  • Anything homemade from your child–A little ceramic cup made by little hands still holds all my pencils and pens at my desk and my bulletin board is covered with drawings and sentiments from my “kids” that I have worked with.
  • tote bags–we never have enough of them! The recent trend to personalize them with hand prints is a wonderful idea.
  • a special book to donate to the classroom

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I would avoid these (only because teachers get so many of them), unless the kids made them which makes them very special:

  • mugs
  • picture frames
  • ornaments

Usually the gifts that are homemade and cost the least are most appreciated so don’t break the bank.