, trunkiI hope everyone had a wonderful break over the holidays and a fantastic time with friends and family.

Did anyone else have a little trouble with holiday travel? My first clue as we arrived at JFK at 5 AM last Wednesday should have been the people who were sleeping on makeshift beds made from combined luggage along the side of our moving walkways.  Oh well, we kept going toward the Jet Blue terminal. As we descended  the escalator, we saw a sea of people in a winding, endless line. After mini-interviews with my fellow line holders, I learned that the first part of the line was made up of people who had “slept” in line to keep their place from the night before. Finally I spotted a Jet Blue employee with a bullhorn announcing the few flights that were NOT cancelled that day. She suggested we “go home” and find flights on the Internet. Thankfully that is what we did, and were able to make it to Florida to help my Dad who was having surgery.

On the way back to New York today (which looked eerily quiet compared to our trip out) we went through security with little Grace, above, who was pulling that fascinating “Trunki.” I had to come home to research this fascinating piece of children’s luggage-cute with a face, compact, easy to roll by a 2 1/2 year-old, and hard enough to sit on when you need a rest. Mom reported that Grace hates to part with it when going through security!

As you know by now, I love the story behind the story. Rob Law, the designer, shares his struggles with school growing up dyslexic, and being rather “energetic and fidgety.” He found a refuge in design and went on to get awards for his designs. I find it inspiring for parents whose kids might not quite “fit” in school but follow their passions and talents to achieve. Rob Law’s is such a story.