As Speech-Language Pathologists, we know that movement and language go hand in hand. Many of us co-treat children with an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist, benefiting both disciplines. Speech-Language Pathologist, Christine Ristuccia, creatively developed “Learn-With-Yoga ABC Yoga-Cars for Kids” merging her experience as a therapist and her expertise as a yoga instructor.

Pull out these cards to spice up your therapy routine and get the kids moving.¬†Cute, kid-friendly drawings illustrate 26 poses, one for each letter of the alphabet–“Archer,” “Jumping Frog,” “Pizza Pie,” and “Zigzag.” A second card for each letter gives verbal cues to make the pose, and reading readiness activities related to that word. Teachers, therapists or parents can get ideas to build language and pre-literacy skills in 13 categories such as “Phonemic Awareness,” “Wh Questions,” or “Spatial Concepts.” I imagine the “Short Story,” and “Sequenced Story” ideas using the picture cards to encourage story telling would be fun as the child is holding his pose and creating a tale.

A companion Instructor Guide goes into depth as to the benefits of teaching yoga and language. A summary of language and motor skills from age 1-5 will help teachers select appropriate skills to introduce. Although the instructor’s guide is a very complete covering of speech and language skills, in order to apporpriately use this to its potential, the adult would benefit from a background in speech and language. Within each category of skill, there are many levels that are appropriate by age, and I don’t think a parent of a typically developing child will do that research.

This is a great resource for teachers and therapists. Add these clever cards to your bag of goodies to keep kids moving, engaged and learning or if you want to teach yoga to your kids, take advantage of this kid-friendly approach!

Recommended age: 2 and up

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author. “Learn-With-Yoga ABC Yoga-Cards for Kids” was provided by Say It Right.