Tangles toyWhen I was in the press room (the only place to find a ready chair!) putting my feet up during the Toy Fair 2011, I bumped into a colleague who reviews toys too but from an Occupational Therapist’s viewpoint, as The Toy Queen. Keri Wilmot and I started talking “shop” and I was telling her about some kids I work with who have attention and sensory needs. She directed me to the Tangle Toys booth where I was met by Nicholas Zawitz, the founder’s son. Nick was most generous in giving me several Tangles to try with my kids. So what is a Tangle? It’s a twistable string of curved pieces joined together at 90 degree angles that are meant to move. Designed for adults or kids to twist, turn and manipulate, Tangles are ideal to try with kids who fidget, have difficulty attending and need sensory input to focus and be better prepared to learn.

Nick was kind enough to give me a variety of samples to try with my kids in therapy. They were an immediate hit! Tangle Texture, Tangle Bling or Tangle Therapy all kept their hands busy, while I worked with them. I knew they would be helpful since I played with one all the way home from the Toy Fair on the train to relax me after a day of visual overload and fun.

The opinons expressed are soley those of the author. Tangles were provided for review by Tangle Creations.