playonwords,com, Big Book of ExclamationsWant to hand parents a concise, show and tell book on how to read to their toddler without actually reading? “The Big Book of Explanations” simply but comprehensively coaches parents on how to elicit gestures, speech sounds, and words with their child. Author and speech-language pathologist Teri K. Peterson provides scenarios that are familiar to young children—morning wake-up, busy family breakfast, out-the-door, play at the park, bath time, and bedtime stories. Below the pictures, she coaches parents on how to interact with the subjects, talking to the characters, naming sounds, and acting out daily activities. Knock on the door, fly like an airplane or slurp like the kitty. This book teaches parents to name, make sounds in association with objects and animals, and pretend with gestures that tell the story. Since gestures precede and occur along side developing speech sounds and words, this book is a great resource for parents whose kids need a nudge in getting the talking going or parents that need help with story time. Repeated use of “The Big Book of Explanations” can encourage kids’ language development but maybe more importantly teach parents a fun, new way to bring a book to life.

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