pretend bakeryAfter attending the Toy Fair in New York City, I am busy testing all the great toys that have been sent to me as candidates for the PAL Award (Play Advanced Language). It is such fun to discover new companies and new ways to play with toys as kid testers and families dive into play. Yesterday I brought the “Tasty Treat Shop” by Alex Toys to a little girl’s house. She got right to work making sugary delights for me to sample–just pretend of course. Remember, when looking for toys that will encourage lots of talking and conversation, find inviting props and maybe even two sides to the play–shop owner and customer. Here is my review:

Come on in. The Tasty Treat Shop is open for business. Set up the bakery  in about a minute and then assemble your goodies and ingredients–cake, cookies, gingerbread man, sugar, milk and flour. Add your stickers to display today’s specials and varieties of pies. Little girls loved donning the chef’ hat and tying on the apron to mix up confections for their customers. Providing two scenarios of related play, this shop offers the opportunity to be the baker or consumer. Every time my little tester measured her ingredients and whipped them up in the pink bowl, she announced, “Coming right up!” I did get ordered to the other side of the shop, “Now can you go out there?” I guess I was getting in the way of the culinary artist.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author. “Tasty Treat Shop” was provided for review by Alex Toys.