Sometimes it is hard to find games that don’t scream “educational” rather than fun first. This new  PAL Award winner, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game,  designed by a mom who couldn’t get her child to practice reading, is a load of fun. Kids love it. Here is my review:

Kids love a treasure hunt so get out the clues and don’t let on that they are learning to read in the process!

uKloo provides three color-coded levels of clue cards for early readers and a “Picture Helper” chart to reference words they don’t know, as they race through the house following directions to arrive at the prized “Surprise” card at the end.  I found it helpful to review the “Picture Helper” and practice matching words to the alphabetical chart, for quick reference before the game begins. Choose a starter card and then hide the rest of your clues in the spot designated by the former clue–setting up your treasure hunt in reverse.  All set and the race is on. Kids began to read the clues and when they were stumped, they held the clue card to the “Picture Helper” chart, looking for the letters that matched their word. Searching clever drawings  paired with the written word and grouped by action words like “Find” and “Check,”  positional words like “behind” or “under,” helper words, and nouns, kids could independently figure out what the card said.  Listed in alphabetical order, the words were easy to find. Although the game rules provide different options for the final “Surprise” card such as stickers, snacks or treats, I was pleased that my little game testers were thoroughly satisfied with a card that surprised them designating the hunt was a success! uKloo Easy Reader Treasure Hunt Game was conceived by a mom who wanted to make reading fun for her  reluctant child. Instead of seeing her child hide when it was reading time, she hid the reading! She clearly succeeded as my little friends declared “That’s a great game!.”

Age: 4-8 years

The above is solely the opinion of the author. uKloo Early Ready Treasure Hunt Game was provided by uKloo for review.