I started this blog about 4 years ago and realized I love to write and share my thoughts, experience and even a little expertise on speech therapy and great developmental toys! That being said, once in a while I feel like I am speaking into a vacuum, until I get the little gems of notes like this one that was the start of the day today:

“Sherry,I think what you do is so amazing. As a new mom, I am always looking for exceptional, new and exciting toys. A few years ago, as our friends began having kids, Brad and I discussed how incredible it would be to have a website or some sort of resource that would tell us which toys were THE best for certain age groups at a given time. Your PAL Awards and your website have been invaluable to us. Keep up the amazing work!!”

Here’s another:

Hi Sherry,I love the toys you are recommending! So much fun. I love how different toys can spark the imaginations of children whatever their age and stage of development. You have the gift of seeing into the minds of young ones to know what will capture their attention. As a former kindergarten teacher and new grandma,  I find it all so interesting.”

I am so thankful, to you my readers–parents, caregivers, grandparents, toy executives, educators and therapists. You are my heroes, working with and providing great opportunities for children’s growth and development as effective communicators.