I love when siblings join in and play with a toy together but at different levels of learning These colorful, soft blocks were easy for our 8 month-old tester to grab for exploration by hand or mouth. The moulded  pictures on each side of the blocks  revealed peek-a-boo parts of beebee and his friends, and numbers and shapes that interested his older 3 year-old brother. Add the three harder hinged block covers that open and close with cut-out shapes for further peeks and combinations, and an infant’s sibling or friend can learn by doing too. Our older tester starting matching the peek–a–boo windows in the outer cased blocks with corresponding images on the soft inner blocks such as roaro the lion’s trees  with the tree cut-out  and the oval to encase the alligators’s jaws. What fun to watch his mind work as he carefully selected pictures to correspond with shapes. See the thinking and listen to the language generated with this toy! Playing together sparks plenty of talk and babble between siblings and a fun shared experience.

Recommended Age: 6 months and up

The opinions above are solely those of the author. Soft Peek-A-Boo Block were provided for review by Blue-Box Toys.