Toddler grabbing books, playonwords.comMany “Best of” lists are coming out now in time for the holidays. Respected experts and websites compile lists that are helpful to parents and educators as they sift through the myriad of options for toys and books. On that note, stay tuned for my Best of PAL selections:)

I just took at look at Babble’s 100 Best Children’s Books. It is always interesting to me how groups “name” their lists. Wouldn’t you think it is amazingly exclusive to be on the top 100 list? I would.  But really the list is the top 600 books because they have listed the  100 top books in each of 6 categories–best overall, infant, toddler, learning to read, grade school and young adult. They had old favorites and newer books like “Beautiful Oops” and “The Pout Pout Fish” which I have recognized as being great for language learning. I’m sure it took a lot of time to compile the list, especially since one has to check and make sure old favorites are still in print. One of my frustrations with books that I recommend is that their shelf life is so short unless they become a classic. Can’t they continue to be published since many of us like them so much? Oh well, I guess it’s the bottom line.

Anyways, take a look at Babble’s list–it’s a fine resource for parents and educators.