Don’t we love DUPLO lego products for getting the language learning going in speech therapy? Recently, lego  introduced several new products covered in pink that are aimed at getting girls interested in building. I look forward to reviewing “Olivia’ House” designed for a bit older girl, but let’s start with the preschool set.

We know that cupcakes are the rage for adults as well as children so why not gather the essentials to stack goodies and make some treats to serve on a tray? Girls loved this set and I found there was enough variety in the 55 bricks to change up the treats and describe while building. You can use the bricks as reinforcers for a language or articulation lesson, build your bakery items, and start the pretend play as you offer your products to others–or better yet, get out the play money and sell them.

Here is my review:

Cupcakes are the rage and this newest DUPLO Creative Cakes set doesn’t disappoint our little bakers. Building, role play and storage come together as girls stack their cupcakes, cakes and chocolates with heart-sprinkled frosting, giant candles, flowers, and meringue toppings. There is plenty of pink to go around in this tub of 55 bricks with sample recipes included. My little girls served up one delectable treat after another and especially enjoyed the candles as the last addition. The box lid doubles as a serving tray which little girls loved using to bring specialties to family members, including their dog! The unique variety of shapes and party pieces provides a lot of variation as girls re-construct their products for display and carry on with the pretend play.

“Creative Cakes” was provided for review by lego