As speech therapists, we spend a lot of time helping kids put together a good sentence and eventually a story. “You’ve Been Sentenced!” can help such language learning and provide a lot of fun in the process. Racing against a timer and your fellow players, one must construct a meaningful sentence from a random set of words. So many skills are tapped it is hard to list them–grammar, parts of speech, meaning, word order etc. I guarantee a laugh!  Check out their website for Lesson Plans and suggested variations on the game. Here is my review:

Do you want to get friends and family together and have an educational challenge, quick game and loads of laughs? Check out “You’ve Been Sentenced!” and get ready to put a silly sentence together. Flip over your 10 cards, each with 5 word options to start building your sentence. Themes start swirling in your head as you try to link words in a grammatically correct sentence. How do I combine spill, sliding, fish and lunch? Oh yes, I have 6 more cards to use. The fastest player to complete their sentence turns over the timer as the rest of the players race to finish theirs and hope that the first contestant gets his entry voted down. Our testers found that there is a balance between throwing a sentence together fast and taking too much time to think. The cards offer 5 clever variations of a root word such as rusher, rushed, rush, rushes, and rushed. An incredible language learning game, “You’ve Been Sentenced!” calls on players to know their parts of speech, draft a theme, and use correct grammar. Players act as members of the jury, deciding the fate of proposed sentences adding a social language component to this game also. Add-on decks like their newest “NASA Space Terminology” continue to expand the vocabulary kids and adults can learn. Get sentenced at home or the classroom!

The above is solely the opinion of the author. “You’ve Been Sentenced! was provided for review by McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds Inc.