As speech therapists we are a flexible group by trade. We have to modify materials for different kids’ ages and goals. “Ticked Off” by R and R Games is a terrific language learning game for older kids but can be modified for younger ones too. I simply picked out the easier category cards or you could add your own according to what you are working on. Kids loved bidding on or guessing how many items in a category they could list and learning the hard way if they didn’t make their bid! Here is my review:

The beauty of Ticked Off” is that at its core, it’s a great language learning game as players seek to outdo each other with their knowledge of items in a category from movies starring Clint Eastwood, kitchen utensils, or composers to things you normally have in your pockets. Strategy and craziness enters the picture as players draw a category card and bid on how many items they think they can name, trying to have the top bid. Reveal the mystery category and players have a second theme to chose from as they start the timer and record their items. Scoring depends on unique answers and making your bid so thoughtful planning helps. With 168 category cards, this game has lots of variety in topics and vocabulary learning. Great fun for older kids and adults, Ticked Off can also be played with kids younger than 12 by simplifying the scoring and using some easier categories like fruits, board games, and things you wear on your feet.

Ages 12 years and up

The above is solely the opinion of the author. “Ticked Off” was provided for review by R and R Games.