One of the hoppin’ booths at this year’s Toy Fair in New York City was Educational Insights. It wasn’t just that they were stuffing your bags with free games, but that the games were fantastic! One of their new games, “BBQ Blitz,” lived up to its name at “a patty-matching burger-building game. The box itself is so much fun as it’s shaped like a rounded backyard grill, filled with 16 burger patties (4 ketchup, 4 pickles, 4 cheese and 4 mustard). Everyone grabs their spatulas and a plate with four of a kind patties to cover with the real thing and a bun. It is a race to see who can fill their plates the fastest.

Kids love this crazed version but we know in speech therapy we love to transform a game to our purposes–so every kid can work on his goals. My little three-year-old and I modified the rules and took turns, turning over a patty to see if it matched our plates. We were working on questions, “Where is the ketchup?” negatives, “Oh no, that’s not the pickles,” and verbs, “Here is the mustard.” It could easily be used as a reinforcing game for students working on articulation goals, saying a word or phrase before turns or using a carrier phrase with their target sound such as “I found,” or “I got” or “Take__.”

Check out the Educational Insights website for some really fun, educational games.

The above is solely the opinion of the author. BBQ Blitz was provided for review byEducational Insights.