If you are an itinerant speech therapist like I am, you love to find books packed with potential speech therapy lessons so you don’t have to break your back lugging around a lot of books!

Tiger Tales just sent me a review copy of Big Book of My World by Kali Stileman which is packed with great language lessons for preschool through 1st grade. It is well organized and the illustrations are refreshingly bright and simple so kids don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of information on a page. Including counting, shapes, colors, sounds, opposites, feelings, manners and vocabulary within categories, this book has a load of language learning. ¬†Here is my review of this latest PAL Award winner:

This big book certainly covers the world of early learning–counting, shapes, colors, sounds, opposites, feelings, first words, favorite things and even manners. Kali Stileman’s bright brush strokes and collage illustrations make concepts pop as kids search for colors, associate sounds with animals and objects like drums, cars or crashes, explain opposites, or tell the difference between fat and thin or full and empty. I especially like the more abstract concepts of feelings and manners as children relate to their own experiences. What makes you sad? When are you bored? First words can be learned orally and through text as they are pictured by category–things in the park, in the town, out at sea, things at home, on the farm or at the beach. The objects are pictured within the larger illustration as well as individually framing the picture. It finishes up with weather, seasons and spotting the differences. How can so much language learning be in one book?