The best language toys for speech therapy give just enough information for the child to understand what it is and spark their imagination, but leave details for the child to fill in. My newest PAL Award winners by Plan Toys do just that. On top of that, they make parents happy with their eco-friendly materials. Their newest PlanWood is made from rubberwood sawdust composite from their factories. Their Play House has three floors to arrange (and rearrange as my kids did!) with furniture for a kitchen, bedroom, family room and bathroom. The unique cloth cover is double sided with a garden, cut-out and pond or pool on one side and a lively exterior on the other. Here is my full review:

The fun started with the set up of Plan Toys’ new Play House as our little testers arranged and rearranged the props and furniture. “That’s the reading chair” declared a little girl as she placed the table lamp next to it. “I have a good idea! We can use the stool at the end of the bed if you need to hop on.” The zig-zag screen was used to give “privacy” to the potty while the table was for eating or playing games.  The cloth overlay can be the exterior of the house or flip over to be an outside garden with a path to a pool of water. The refreshing simplicity of this play house, leaves the details to kids’ imaginations. The molded pieces of their new PlanWood, are easy to maneuver and can take on new uses as kids dream. Pretend play took off as one child turned over the tub to make a diving board for the “swimming pool” on the cloth. The mom and dad figures can sit or stand as they enjoy three levels of their home with the props for a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Loads of language learning and practice abound as kids act out their day, providing a commentary and dialogue between the characters. How fun! Kids can be in charge of the play.

Toddlers can be urged to talk in response to a pull-toy. My little tester pulled out his binkie and threw it on the floor so he could talk when playing with this Pull-Along Snail!

Kids love anything related to food and the Cake Set and Tea Set provided fun pretend preparation, eating and even setting up a little bakery or restaurant. Add a pad and pencil so they can take orders!