I know that some therapists use cooking projects to teach following directions, re-telling and work on language goals so I thought I would share a little cooking class I tried making teepees which are quite appropriate for a Thanksgiving lesson for speech therapy if you have access to a kitchen, or you could bake the teepees at home and bring them to class for the kids to decorate.

I found these cupcake teepees on parenting.com, which referenced stiesthoughts.blogspot.com for instructions.  Mine were no where near as nice as their picture but we did follow the directions and fill sugar ice cream cones with chocolate cake batter (upside down of course) and poke holes in an aluminum pan to hold the cones. I baked them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes–do watch them so they don’t tip! After we took them out of the oven, we snipped off the tippy top of the teepee and have some fun decorating with ready made chocolate frosting, adding pretzel sticks for the poles. Note to self–they are best eaten soon after they cool otherwise the ice cream cones get soft.

Anyways there are endless ways to be creative with a sugar path or stream for the Indians’ home or green coconut for the grass. A visit to a candy store might spark an idea for the campfire too. Enjoy!