When I saw Infantino’s new Fresh Squeezed feeding line I was excited to see their high quality, easy and efficient masher, mill and puree machine to prepare soft foods to load up 4 ounce food pouches in their Squeeze Station. Maybe it was because I had just been invited to have lunch with my oldest grandson who just started kindergarten and I was surrounded by 6 year-olds at the long cafeteria tables and many were drinking their healthy snacks from fun food pouches. Of maybe it was when I showed the system to a mom of a one-year-old  and she was excited because “that is all he will eat from since he won’t let me feed him anymore!” Mom’s loved the system and opportunity to make their own healthy snacks for the kids and keep the cost down. Here is my full review and how it can be helpful to therapists and parents:

Varied Textures

Few things can make mom feel better than making her own baby food for her child! Moms were excited to try Infantino’s new Fresh Squeezed feeding line, especially when they saw the personalized pouches that are so popular with kids today. Fresh Squeezed Station can stand alone as an efficient way to load up portable food pouches or be embellished with some of the accessories that can be used as part of the system. Let’s start at the beginning with Steam and Smush which is a sturdy but light weight cup and masher, easy to use, microwave save and with only 4 pieces to clean! I wanted our tester moms to see how the feeding line worked for variations in texture to be helpful for therapists and parents assisting kids in feeding for oral motor strength. Mighty Mill can be secured for travel with a rubberized band, for mom and child on the go or plug in the Preppy Puree to do the grinding for you and again watch the timing to get the consistency you want. The Squeeze Station was fun as mom put in her mashed carrots and zucchini and pressed down to squeeze the mixture into the attached pouches. We tried some of the 50 Pack Squeeze Pouches but Mom also appreciated the Reusable Squeeze Pouch that clips on bags or strollers for easy travel. Couple a Spoons screwed on to the pouches and worked well to feed an 8 month-old.  This Fresh Squeeze Feeding Line is great for moms interested in providing homemade baby food easily and packaging it for on-the-go! As speech pathologists, many of us work with infants or children needing feeding assistance to help with oral motor strength and precision leading to age appropriate language and articulation.  This system can be helpful for parents to prepare soft foods in varying consistencies as well as providing a fun way to eat, squeezing the pouches and sucking out the snack! Sucking on the rounded opening helps lip rounding and tongue strength. Our tester noted that the food needs to be mashed fairly small to be squeezed into the pouches in the Squeeze Station but can certainly be delivered by spoon too!