One of my favorite toy testing families came for a visit, jumped off their bikes and ran to get in line for a turn on the EzyRoller. Described as “not a luge, not a bike, not a scooter, moves like a snake without chains or pedals” the EzyRoller is propelled by right-left leg movements with a sturdy brake to stop. Our testers were 4, 6 and 8 years-old so we stopped midstream and added one of the two additional bars to extend the length for longer legs.  Mom had more to say than the usual parent as she is an occupational therapist, “It’s helpful to strengthen motor planning, bilateral integration (using both sides together as you adjust using more or less push from each leg), and sensory input. We agreed that often a speech pathologist and occupational or physical therapist will co-treat a child because when kids are given an appropriate physical activity and their body is regulated, they are often more verbal and a speech therapist can take advantage of that, to build language. Obviously a load of fun for all kids, the EzyRoller can offer fun and learning for kids with special needs.

Kim Flynn, occupational therapist and adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University contributed to this review. The opinions in this review are solely those of the authors, and the EzyRoller was provided by EzyRoller.