Kids really teach me how to play and learn. I enjoy taking my toys and games for testing to families and watch the kids interact. Our latest PAL winner, Eco-Bonks from the Wildlife Series at Pueri Elemental, engaged kids to move and talk–they were drawn to Abigail the Elephant,  the inflated bop bag,  pushing, lifting, rolling and talking.

Designed for 2 years and up, these animal friends got the littlest ones vocalizing and engaging as they lunged for their soft friend, and giggled at the pop-back-up bop! Abigail and her friends can be another toy for therapists to use for sensory regulation with kids with special needs. A few years ago I worked with a 4 year-old child on the autism spectrum who needed sensory breaks every 15 minutes during our therapy session. I wish I had someone as fun as Abigail to help him regulate and be available for learning. Here is my full review:

When kids encountered Abigail the Elephant they couldn’t pass by without touching, giving a little tap or picking her up and taking her from room to room.  She was irresistible to little ones about her size! A three-year-old boy grabbed her, looked up at me and said, “How to carry this?” He proceeded to grab her, talk to her and then played a little hide-and-seek,  “You don’t see me!” popping out from behind her. Little brother yelled out his best words, “Ba” and “Ga” as he launched at Abigail, rolling on her horizontal body and giggling as she popped up again. Abigail’s engaging face got kids moving and talking. Made from a durable plastic body with an organic cotton interchangeable cover, Abigail easily endured a child rolling on her and sitting down as well as taking a few punches.  Abigail and her friends in the Wildlife series–Logan the Penguin, Jackson the Bear, Emma the Owl, Noah the Whale and Lily the Gibbon each represent a personality trait from shy or energetic to tenacious and selective. Discussing those characteristics and how they manifest themselves is a language lesson in itself! Parents connected with this classic bop bag re-born with a fresh environmental awareness, “I used to play with one of those,” and watched their kids enjoy Abigail, ” I think he could do that all day!” I’m excited to see how Abigail and her friends will contribute to learning at home as well as the classroom. Her firm but soft body that moves can provide wonderful sensory input to kids with special needs, helping them become available for learning and talking.

Abigail was provided for review by Pueri Elemental for the PAL Award