Often we think we need the toy or game or gadget with bells and whistles to keep kids entertained and motivated during speech therapy. I will admit I love that type of toy to keep ME interested sometimes but yesterday I realized it can be as simple as hash marks and stars on a page that really keep kids producing!

I was working with a 6 year-old boy on his articulation. I was keeping my own records making a mark when he gave a correct production, a “0” when it was incorrect and a star when he corrected himself. Pretty soon he was watching my every move and delighting in getting as many lines as possible. He kept repeating the target word so much that I had to stop him to move on! How simple is that?

Mom had to leave early so we took a picture and sent it to her after adding up all his correct responses. It always amazes me how simple therapy can be when I watch and listen to the child and what motivates him.