special_needs_headerYesterday I got a press release from Fat Brain Toys announcing their new  “Special Needs Resource Center for families seeking toys, games, and play resources for individuals with developmental needs. Introducing an innovative website feature called “Special Perspectives”, it’s one of the largest efforts to aggregate feedback and experiences from families of children with special needs. The site goes beyond the needs of children and also addresses the growing trend of utilizing toys and games in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”

The resource groups toys and games in 21 categories including autism, Down Syndrome, visual impairment, and speech and language delay. The 2,400 toys and games were selected on the basis of talking to special needs caregivers, collecting their comments on how these toys can be used effectively for a specific diagnosis.

It’s challenging finding products that meet the needs of children with special needs, so our new ‘Special Perspectives’ feature should be a very welcome tool for parents and grandparents,” said Fat Brain Toys Co-Founder, Mark Carson.

Their announcement coincides with the April Autism Awareness Campaign, highlighting products that can be beneficial to children with special needs.

I’m pleased to see retailers and manufacturers reaching out in an effort to help parents and caregivers find great products to advance their child’s skills. I did look at the speech and language section and found many toys that were for other disciplines like OT. I might just give them a call:)