Boundaries baseball coverI came upon a great game today, “Boundaries Baseball” by Franklin Learning Systems, which teaches about boundaries for personal space, feelings and saying “No.” Kids start at home plate on the game board with their baseball player and spin the spinner to see if you get a hit, ball, strike or home run and how many spaces to advance or go backwards. The real learning comes when you land on a space and pick a card from one of the three decks that matches the color of the space you landed on. “No as a Boundaries Baseball red cardsBoundary” cards ask what you would do or feel in certain situations such as, “Name three ways to say “No” to someone. My little friend said, “No thanks,” “No way,” and had to be prompted to say, “I’d rather not do that Sherry,” which we have been using in therapy when he didn’t want to read my choice of book! Red Personal Space Boundaries cards asked players about a situation and if it is a good boundary or a boundary violation such as, “Sheri grabs a book out of Ashley’s hand. Is this a good Boundaried Baseball feelings cardsboundary or a boundary violation?” Explain. Kids can often tell if it is good or a violation but it is harder to explain their answer. Finally, the yellow Feelings Boundaries cards ask kids to evaluate what is appropriate behavior when they are experiencing negative feelings such as, “Name something that is NOT okay to do when you are feeling sad?” Kids were so caught up in the baseball theme that didn’t mind engaging in some learning about boundaries, relating the questions to their experience.