imgres-1Learning the alphabet, all 26 letters, can be daunting. Some pick it up quickly through repeated exposure to educational TV shows, DVD’s, books, and toys. Others seem to need a little extra help. There is so much to learn. Kids need to memorize the shape or the letter, how it is made, its name, and the sound it represents. Author Linda Ann Jones has made learning a little easier with her book, “Alphabet Anatomy: Meet The Capital Letters,” as she pairs each capital letter with a rhyme describing it’s shape to help kids visually and auditorily remember how to form the letter. The book starts out with one of my favorites, “A has a point at the top of her head. Under her belt she hides apples so red.” The catchy rhyme is easy to memorize for quick reference when a child need to remember the pointed letter with a lined “belt” across the middle. Offering this multi-sensory approach, the author assists children in learning and recalling how letters are made. Here is the full PAL Award review:

Looking for a fun and clever way to introduce your child to the alphabet?  “Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters” is a wonderful way to do just that. Every page of this book presents a capital letter A to Z as an interesting character. Each letter has a friendly face, is surrounded by eye-capturing color, and has its own rhyming story that teaches a nifty way to remember the shapes or “anatomy” of the letters. Through these rhymes the story helps children learn how to recognize the sounds that each letter makes (F is “fit and fine”), develop a vocabulary of different words and objects that begin with each letter (“K can fly her kite”), and to be able to understand the shape of each letter (B is “two bellies fat”). Any child that struggles to remember how the letters are written would benefit from this book’s strategies of connecting a letter to the environment; it is much easier to recall the letter M if you know that it is made of “two mountains.” A great tool for language learning at the phonological level, “Alphabet Anatomy: Meet the Capital Letters” provides a unique way for children to build reading and writing skills. Take note preschool teachers, this book would serve as a useful tool to introduce the letter of the week!

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