Mad paxYesterday was the first day of school on our street and I had a few butterflies myself for some reason. It is always fun to get a fresh start each year and the beginning of school provides that for us all. As I pulled out of my driveway, I was stopped by a flashing light as my neighbor was receiving her kindergartener off the bus. He seemed happy enough but apparently the report was that he had a bit of a “rough morning” with some tears.

I was reminded that every year I charge back to work the first week of school (even though I am in private practice) to find out that the kids are just not quite with it yet. They are using much of their energy to adjust to a new classroom, teacher, classmates and expectations. Why do I have to remind myself of that every year? I’ve heard from more than one parent on how tired and crabby their kids are after their first full days of school. I would be crabby too.

So I want to slow down, expect a little less, have a little more fun those first few sessions while my little friends are adjusting to their new routine. Maybe I need a little time to come back from vacation too!