5020-Candy-Contruction_sm-337x225I pride myself in surprising kids with new, exciting toys since I have wonderful products sent to me weekly for review for our PAL Award. But I must say, I learn a lot from the playrooms I visit each week, discovering some terrific toys for speech therapy.

Today I was greeted by a little friend’s older sisters who were home for Columbus Day so we all got to have our speech therapy session together which was fun. They introduced me to Candy Construction Building Set by Learning Resources which looks like a sweet spin on tinkertoys. The 92-piece plastic set allows kids to construct a gingerbread house that won’t be tempting to eat, but provide some fun in the making. Round peppermint connectors, large and small swirl sticks, giant gumdrops, chocolate roof panels and block connectors are ready to meet the best of imaginations.

I found this box of “candy” a perfect reinforcing activity for an articulation lesson, as kids practices a few sentences or described what they were going to do with the pieces before adding to the structure. Kids loved playing with it too.

Ages 4 to 8