product_choice_a_quenceHere’s a new PAL Award winning game, perfect for a speech therapy lesson teaching kids the pragmatics of behaviors and their consequences. Developed by a team of educators including a speech language pathologist, “Choice-a-Quence” gets the conversation going about common situations in a young child’s life, sharing, teasing, playing nicely together and many more. Use the 4 different play options for competitive or cooperative play to build vocabulary, grammar and syntax, pragmatic skills and social language.

Here is my full review: Grab this little pack of cards for a lively, thoughtful conversation about behavior and consequences as kids can speak into a toy microphone (or pretend one for that matter) as a game show contestant, play a memory game, or choose from other options to learn and use the language or behavior. Connect the choice with the correct consequence–”lie” and “have others not believe you,” or “try something new” to “get a hug.” Color coded cards represent choices or consequences to match and discuss, some having more than one right answer to negotiate. My favorite extension of the game was to ask the child why he chose that consequence. Often it related to how a person would feel after being teased, not sharing, or playing nicely together or waiting. Why did you pair “have others not want to play with you” with “argue?” My little friend astutely said, “because he doesn’t listen and kids don’t like that so they don’t let him play” I love the blank cards to fill in with a dry erase marker for those behaviors that challenge but aren’t included. I added, “get mad when I lose a board game,” since my friend needs the vocabulary to make some different choices in that situation. Ultimately, families learn to use these cards to improve behavior, social and language skills in real-life situations. Besides having fun, a consequence of playing this game just could be some improved behavior with the words to implement it!

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