screen480x480Although I use many apps designed for  typically developing kids, I also like to recommend apps that have been designed for children with special needs.  Speech with Milo by Doonan Speech Therapy, currently offers nine apps to build language skills. All are created by Poorani Doonan, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Each app offers instructions for speech therapists as well as parents. I’ve used and enjoyed “Speech With Milo-Sequencing” for older kids so I thought I would try “Speech With Milo-Verbs” for early intervention. Milo demonstrates 100 verbs, with the word named and written below the cartoon. Tap “Phrase” and hear, “Milo is pouring tea.”or “Milo is walking at the beach,” describing the scene.  Therapists can choose from the extensive verb list what words they want to target. I appreciate the Therapist Instructions, listing goals to address in developmental order. Those appropriate for 2-4 year-olds:

  • Teach action words
  • Present progressive verbs
  • Personal pronouns
  • Past tense verbs

Give Milo a break and feed him some cheese after several scenes to keep kids motivated!