Goldyblox toy fairHow exciting to watch a startup company get their national ad shown on the Super Bowl last night! Kudos to Intuit for choosing GoldieBlox over the more than 15,000 small business entries in their contest for a free Super Bowl ad.

I first met founder and CEO, Debbie Sterling at her small booth tucked away at the International Toy Fair in New York last year. The buzz was already picking up surrounding her “Toys for future innovators,” based on books and projects to promote girls’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Sterling, armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Product Design from Stanford University, became obsessed with “disrupting the pink aisle” and went on to develop a toy “that would introduce girls to the joy of engineering at a young age,” according to their website.

GoldieBlox’s story+construction sets tap into girls’ strong verbal skills, leading them into projects that strengthen spatial skills and “tools they need to build and create amazing things.” Sterling is determined to introduce engineering to young girls and get them excited about subjects that have been traditionally dominated by boys.

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine, Parade Float, and Dunk Tank come with a story book and related construction project. Their debut product, “GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine” is for girls 4-9 and includes a belt drive, 5 animal figures, a pegboard, 5 wheels, 10 axles, 5 ¬†blocks, 5 washers, 1 crank and 1 ribbon.

Here’s the ad that ran last night during the Super Bowl–a refreshing change from all the car ads! “So come on, get your toys–girls make some noise….”