Excitement is building as everyone is getting ready for the Toy Fair starting next weekend. Although we don’t have our own meteorologist like the Super Bowl committee, we are all watching the weather as last year got a bit of a late start for some due to a snowstorm!

Here are some of the highlights I have been hearing about:

Lego is apparently topping its impressive Lightning McQueen from last year with a  15-foot tall, 10-foot long dinosaur that will be greeting guests at the entrance of the 2014 Toy Fair convention this weekend. “A team of four people spent over a month building the mammoth creature that is illuminated in shades of purple, yellow, green and red by the thousands of LED lights that are encased inside each tiny Laser Pegs piece used to build it. ”

Here is a video showing the time-lapse construction process – http://youtu.be/tYIuCu8_VKs

If that’s not enough, we just got word that Snoopy is taking a trip to NYC for New York Toy Fair this week! According to their press release, “International toy manufacturer, Snoopy Costume1Schleich, will be bringing a life-sized Snoopy to the city along with the announcement of their new Peanuts line. To celebrate, Snoopy will be “snooping” around New York Feb. 15 to some of his favorite spots. Fans can join the fun by snapping photos and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SnoopingNewYork.” He’s been a favorite of mine since childhood so I may have to get him to pose in a picture:)