Roeck's BakeryAfter visits from two of my clans of grandchildren, and listening to them “practice” their new reading skills over the summer, I decided to email them short one page Easy Readers about what I was doing many miles away. I made sure I had lots of pictures and made the type font large and kept the note short.

The first one was about the birthday party I threw for Duke, our golden retriever who turned 15. I shared pictures of our boat ride with his friend, Murphy, and the Dairy Queen cups that the dogs shared. The next one was about my favorite bakery and Thursday’s “cruller” day, a little frog that

Frog at Elkhart

was attached to the house when we returned at night and the big thunderstorms we get in Wisconsin in the summer.

Parents are trying to find fun ways to get their kids to practice reading over the summer so why not include a note from “Sheshe” or “Pop pop?”