Galt Fairy Princess DollsComing from a house of boys, I’m always fascinated entering the land of pink. A six-year-old girl that I work with is one of three girls so the playroom is full of glitter, tiaras and all things baby doll. This week I got out my Fairy Dressing Up Set by Galt, and we started by choosing outfits for sleeping, swimming, party time and play. Working on/sh/ we took turns saying, “She should get the green party dress” and so on. The pretend play, lead by my little friend, ¬†moved to nighttime as we took off to get her doll’s bunk bed, and acted out the “little sister” getting scared and joining her older sister in her bunk! I wonder where she got that idea??? Then it was time to get up in the morning and get dressed for our party, being transported by that cool Fisher Price Happy Family sports car. Kids love it because you can hide many accessories in the working trunk like a take along dog, blanket or beach bag.

All in all it was a successful day in the life of the fairies and just one more day of articulation therapy.