shutterstock_193639475I am honored to be named to “Heidi’s Top Blogs” (Heidi Kay, Founding Partner of Pediastaff) on ASHAsphere this week. is among the 12 best SLP blogs chosen by Heidi based on “some of her personal favorites of those bloggers sharing all of their insights, opinions, tips and activities free of charge.”

I enjoy sharing ideas, therapy tips, new terrific toys to spark a speech-language session and just plain funny stories I gather through my trips to my client’s homes and classrooms.

Just this week, I saw a former client and asked her about her nanny, since we had had some conversations about that topic each week when I was working with her son. She departed this bit of wisdom, “I only hire former waitresses or nurses because they aren’t afraid to clean up crap and wipe bottoms!” I looked at her and said, “That needs to be shared on my blog!” This is partly what keeps me going, is all the interesting moms, teachers, and kids I see every day and what I learn from them.

So, it looks like this blogger is still running. Get ready for some interesting posts beginning next Saturday as I enter the Jacob Javits Center and walk miles through the Toy Fair. Can’t wait!