Bakery Shoppe WWho doesn’t like a trip to the bakery, especially if your favorite doll can come along? Little girls started right into role play with this darling Bakery Shoppe as one took over the cash register, discovering the play money inside while another girl and her doll declared, “I need to tell you what I want, ” suggesting cinnamon buns! The shoppe keeper said, “That will be 15 cents and I’ve got dollars.” What a deal. Food items and display dishes are sold separately in an amazing variety of doll-size treats from pies, crullers (my favorite donut!) cupcakes and cookies, complete with a bakery box in which to take home your treats. The girls liked moving around the 5 bakery signs included, as they arranged their stock for sale next to “Cupcakes,” “Fresh Donuts,” “Homemade Cookies,” and “Fresh Baked Pies.” This shoppe can transform into Cinderella’s Shoe Shop or The Royal Tea Room with extra sets of signs available to purchase. Creativity and imagination rule as children bring their dolls to the Bakery and have a special experience, just like in real life, creating dialogue, story lines and a little socializing to build language skills, that can feed reading and writing.  This sturdy wooden shoppe stands up to repeat play and would be a perfect gift for grandparents to give with add-on features over the years. When I opened the box, I had a nostalgic rush, remembering all the doll furniture and accessories my grandmother gave me each year for Christmas, some of which I still have!

Available at The Queen’s Treasures. Click here