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Erika Cardamone, Speech-Language Pathologist and Toy Expert from

Erika is here to introduce us to PAL Award winners, fun toys and games that will keep learning skills sharp through the end of summer. These selected toys foster smart play that encourage language development, problem solving, and strong communication for kids of all ages.

See My Feelings Mirror by hand2mind, ages 3+ ($39.99 for set of 4)

  • There is a big emphasis on helping children name their emotions in the moment, which has proved to be helpful for conflict resolution
  • A great tool to promote social-emotional learning, identifying your own feelings and feelings of others, 6 different colored emojis that convey 6 different emotions
  • Help build Emotional Quotient (EQ) in a fun and collaborative way

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Farm World Vet Practice by Schleich, ages 3-8 ($59.99)

  • Well crafted and detailed figures, with small pieces which is great for fine motor handling.
  • Many different props and animals that allow for storytelling to go in so many different directions. Perfect for imaginative play, telling stories and problem solving.
  • Kids of different ages can all play this together, great for siblings


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Telestrations, Upside Drawn by USAopoly, ages 12+ ($19.99)

  • Teams work together to sketch and guess a word (or phrase), but the guesser controls the pen and the guide (who knows the clue) controls the board.
  • A bit like Pictionary, but makes for lots of laughs. This one had everyone from my mom to my niece laughing in stitches!
  • Game involves teamwork, strong communication, creativity, spatial awareness and some eye/hand coordination

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LeapBuilders Store and Go Dump Truck by Leapfrog, ages 2-5 ($19.99)

  • Kids love things that go! Great for practicing shapes, colors, patterns and movement words (go, drive, push)
  • Can manipulate blocks in different ways: through the chute, in the bucket, on the truck bed,
  • Smart blocks are double sided with different shapes, colors, and pictures. The SmartCube will prompt kids to find a particular block to teach basic concepts, vocabulary, and patterns.

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Jelly Jammers, Scratch and Sniff Puzzle by MindWare, ages 5+ ($14.95)

  • Jelly Jammers PuzzlePuzzles have been all the rage while we’re spending more time at home and MindWare has brought a new fun spin to puzzles – scratch and sniff!
  • Multi-sensory puzzle with smell
  • Different characters (drummer, base guitarist) are a whole puzzle piece, which could lead to some pretend play.


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