Banban’s Bath Playset by Beijing Yuanli Education Science and Technology, is a delightful and educational toy offers great learning opportunities through play, stimulating motor and sensory exploration and nurturing language development. It’s the perfect opportunity to make bath-time a multi-sensory adventure!

Children were immediately drawn to the toy, bringing the island and stackable lighthouse in the bathtub. The set includes Banban, an adorable zebra with floatie and goggles, ready for the water! Additionally, the 4 stackable layers of the lighthouse double as water cups ideal for scooping, pouring, and exploring in the water. Children practiced stacking the cups on top of each other, learning early numeracy and size concepts. This helped to build visual-spatial perception as well hand-eye coordination.

Banban’s Bath Playset opens the door to language development through interactive play and imaginative storytelling. Our toddlers loved to create short story schemas (or sequenced events) as a floating Banban swam to the island to carefully build his lighthouse. They learned new words and phrases including nouns, adjectives and verbs. There’s a great opportunity for parents or caregivers to narrate stories too, as they describe colors and shapes, and introduce more words during play to further enriches a child’s language skills.

Banban’s Bath Playset has proven to be a fantastic addition to bath time, turning it into an educational and enjoyable activity. From honing motor skills through hands-on play to exploring sensory elements and boosting language development, this toy caters to a child’s holistic growth. Its ability to inspire creativity and encourage social interaction adds to the value it brings to families. For parents seeking an educational and fun bath toy that ticks all the right boxes, Banban’s Bath Playset is a definite must-have!