The Bilingual Learning Spaceship by Beijing Yuanli Education Science and Technology, is a fun and interactive way to expose your child to Mandarin through out of this world play. An adorable zebra named Banban, is the driver of magical spaceship that lands all over the map and encourages new word learning.

Inside your bright Explorer Box is Banban’s orange spaceship, 3 large double sided “maps”, 10 bilingual cards, and the box even becomes apart of the play! The spaceship has two modes: recognition mode and nursery rhyme mode. In recognition mode, explorers loved flying the spaceship from the docking point (inside the box!) and all around the maps. As the spaceship lands on a picture, it spoke the word.

Each map included a vocabulary theme to help with word learning within a category. For instance, feelings, colors, shapes, and body parts.  Categorical knowledge of words helps children understand similarities and differences, which allows for faster word retrieval within a conversation, and faster new word learnings.

With the ability to switch between English and Mandarin, children are exposed to both languages in a playful and engaging way. The spaceship encourages them to listen, repeat, and understand, fostering language development skills that are invaluable.