Word lovers, vocabulary competitors and Tapple fans will love The Op’s newest version of a favorite: Tapple 10. Minus the letter wheel but plus 10 amazing different ways to play! Tapple 10 brings on category naming with high-energy, quick-thinking fun!

In this game, players must match a colored letter (black, grey, dark blue, light blue) to the corresponding color category. For instance “Reptiles & Amphibians” that start with “L,” “Things with buttons” that start with the letter “S.” Tapple 10’s versatility allows for a single player or multiple players. Check out the insert for each of the awesome ways to play. Here are a few:

  • Tapple 10 Alpha – everything you know and love about Tapple: flipping word and category cards to create match.
  • Head to Head – using the sand timer on its side, players call out answers corresponding to the category while flipping the timer on their opponent as they answer. Players continue until the timer runs out on someone.
  • Alpha Build – a word building game that doesn’t involve category play at all! Players build words, taking turns and flipping letter cards to add on or place over existing letters to make a new word.

Each of the 10 ways to play offers learning benefits while having fun. When we practice category naming, our brains are actually doing some high level thinking skills! We’re processing information to retrieve words from our vocabulary “filing cabinets,” and strengthening those connections. Over time, this practice can help improve language and conversational skills.

Tapple 10 is travel-friendly, fun, and engaging word game that offers significant benefits for players’ word retrieval and word knowledge. Ten games in one! Whether you’re looking to improve your language skills or simply enjoy a fast-paced game, Tapple 10 is an excellent choice.

Available Summer 2023